Magician Thailand – Tropicana, Koh Samui

I had a fantastic time performing close up magic at the Italian restaurant in Koh Samui called Tropicana for a birthday party. The group was very friendly and I recommend the restaurant “Tropicana”. Both myself and my partner have eaten there several times and the food is outstanding. The host is very welcoming and always […]

Ed Clarke – Performing on Heart Radio

It was a pleasure to go on Heart Radio and perform some magic for the presenters. I was a little worried how it would translate across the radio wave being that magic is a visual form of entertainment however, they streamed it live on their social media. The radio station was very welcoming and I […]

Charity Gig – Chi Samui, Koh Samui, Thailand

I had an incredible time perform close up table magic at Chi Samui. The venue was incredible and the people who attended was just as nice. The during the course of the evening, there was plenty of entertainment starting off with an amazing saxophonist, a female singer and the best fire show I have seen. […]